School is Open


Welcome Back!

I look forward to working with your children this school year! Throughout the year, I will invite all the students to Lunch Bunch in my office. I hope to hear all about all the fun activities that your child is doing this year!

I will also visit the classrooms every month to encourage students to practice and develop their social skills, such as being a good friend to others, and being responsible. Please take a moment to look at the skills we will be working on each month, listed below.

 I am at New Middletown Elementary on Mondays and Thursdays, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child this school year. My number is 812-968-3225 ext. 7514.

Guidance Curriculum

Throughout the year, we focus on making good choices. Through lessons, every student becomes familiar with the M.O.P. rules to help make good decisions.

M.O.P. stands for…
(Could this hurt me or get me in trouble?)
(Could this hurt others or get others in trouble?)
(Could this hurt property?)
All students practice asking themselves these 3 questions before making choices, to encourage making good choices.
The following are the monthly guidance themes for the 2016-2017 school year.
August: Bullying Prevention
September: Decision Making (M.O.P Rules)
October: Careers
November: Listening/Friendship
December: Respect
January: Goal Setting
February: Test taking strategies/stress management/positive attitude
March: Study Skills/Cooperation
April: Anger Management
May: Conflict Resolution
How can parents help their children do their best on tests?
The following are some ideas for things you can do to help your child do his/her best.
* On test days, please get up in plenty of time to avoid morning rush and anxiety and help create a calm and stress-free environment.
*Please avoid nighttime extra-curricular activities that may interfere with normal bedtime routines the night before tests.
* Encourage your child to get a lot of rest each night and eat a good breakfast.
*Discuss and help reinforce with your child some testing strategies they can use, such as…
        * Do your best on the test!
        * Relax. Don’t stress if you don’t know every answer.
        * Have a positive attitude
        * Listen carefully and follow directions
        * Read each question carefully.
        * Think before you answer
        * Don’t rush, but work at a medium speed
        * Check over your work when finished.
Parents, please show support to your child by letting them know that you have confidence in their ability to do their best on the test.

New Middletown Elementary School