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Language Arts: New Middletown Elementary teachers practice a balanced-literacy approach in language arts instruction through the 4 Blocks literacy framework. This approach is comprised of four separate blocks of instruction that are held daily.

  • Guided Reading: Whole class or group reading of a teacher-selected text. During this time, teachers guide students by providing instruction in comprehension and reading strategies.
  • Self-Selected Reading: Students choose their own text and read independently. Research indicates that children become better readers by reading. This time is set aside for them to do just that. Instructors conference with students during this time about the texts they choose.
  • Writing: Instructors deliver a mini-lesson to students modeling writing strategies. Students write, revise, edit, conference with the instructor, and begin new writing pieces during this time.
  • Working with Words: Students are introduced to grade-level high frequency words and instructed in decoding strategies. Instructors model strategies based on common spelling patterns.

Mathematics: Students are instructed according to the Indiana Academic Standards, and the new Common Core Standards are being integrated into the local curriculum this year. Math instruction is integrated throughout the school day beginning each morning with calendar time. The use of manipulatives during lessons and possibly in centers provides students with an exploratory element to lessons and allows instructors to reach a variety of learning styles.  Problem solving strategies are embedded within each of the math focus areas.

New Middletown Elementary School